Another book about writing

Big Magic is another book about writing and living creatively. It is specifically how Elizabeth Gilbert lives with her writing and in her creative pursuits. As always with these kinds of books, your milage may vary with her specific advice. (I never read Eat Pray Love, so I’ve no idea how it compares to that.)

Her main advice – or rather the main advice I took from the book – is to finish what you start. Which hits home with me. I’m very good at starting new projects and also very good at getting partway through them before deciding that the idea is crap or I’m just not a good enough writer to execute it well enough and then stopping. I realize that the Shitty First Draft (tm Bird by Bird) is supposed to get you through this. It has yet to work for me.

Big Magic was not super-effective for me. It might be for you, if you’re looking for creative advice. It’s, at the very least, worth checking out.