I did not know a thing about attachment theory before I read Attached. So, what is it? Attachment theory describes how you bond with other people. Are you confident in that bond? Are you confident in general in your bonds with other people? If so, congratulations! You’re securely attached. If you’re not confident in those bonds, that can manifest in two different behavior types: avoidant (you push people away) and anxious (you try to hold people too close).

Attached was useful in that it helped me realize some of my relationship patterns; it was unhelpful in that this book focuses on romantic relationships only. There are so many types of relationships out there: family, friends, workplace, acquaintances, just to name a few. And I was actually more curious about those. There wasn’t even a cursory chapter in the book about any relationship types other than romantic relationships.

So, while it was helpful in teaching me about the theory, I was actually looking for something else practically. I would recommend Attached if you’re looking for a romantic partner and want to understand maybe one reason your relationships haven’t worked in the past. But if you’re looking to understand other relationship types? This isn’t your book.