Friday Shorts

  • All of the ways Gen X is financially wrecked. There is an entire genre of articles about the ways in which Gen X is broken/screwed. I haven’t seen one in awhile. Welcome, old friend.
  • Burn all the leggings: what do you wear to the reopening of society? This is about so much more than the clothes.
  • I am intrigued by the Netflix series “Halston“.
  • Not a crisis, but a reckoning. I blame exactly no one for not wanting to have a baby at the moment – I mean, christ, have you looked around? Pandemic? Terrible childcare options? Still being expected to shoulder the bulk of the burden at home? Inadequately funded schools? Student debt issues? The fucking ongoing environmental disaster? Which is interesting – at the end of the newsletter, she posits: what if a lower birth rate is a good thing?