Family day in Monterey

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a lovely place, and I was glad to get some camera practice time there. It’s more interesting to go now that my daughter’s older and interested in the exhibits more. When she was little all she wanted to do was run around from one to the other, like “ok I’ve glimpsed this one, off to the next!” We never got a chance to explore ourselves. It’s one of the nice things about her growing up.

I think this is one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, and I wish I could attribute it to something other than blind luck.


kelp forest
This is the kelp forest – the sheer diversity in this exhibit is incredible. They pump water in from the Bay outside. This exhibit recreates the environment in the Bay in a way you can see it. I just wish I could have captured more types of fish.


sea turtle
Sea turtle belly! I have a soft spot for giant sea turtles – they’re amazing creatures.