Women being friends during wartime

Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire, ultimately, is about female friendship. It starts with a group of young women pilots in WWII* in Britain and how they support each other through war times. One of the pilots, Rose, is captured during a run to France. The second bit of the book is about Ravensbruck, a concentration camp where women were held, and the group of friends she finds there, and how they all support each other through an absolutely horrible experience. And then the third part is about how Rose re-integrates herself back into the world, with the help of her family and friends. Their care for and love of each other comes through throughout the book.

This is a sequel of sorts to Code Name Verity, which was excellent. It’s tempting to say it’s not quite as good, but really, it’s just different. Rose Under Fire is equally as moving and captivating.

* This podcast about WASPs will enlighten you more about women pilots serving during WWII. It’s fascinating.