The Heir Affair

The Heir Affair was my plane book on a recent trip, and I think that was the perfect scenario for it. A few hours of focused, uninterrupted reading for a fun story about: what if a normal person married into the British royal family?

It’s a sequel to The Royal We, which asked the question: what if a normal person fell in love with the heir to the British throne? This is about the aftermath of their disaster of a wedding: they run away for a little while, but then they go back, and what happens next? And a LOT happens next. It covers a few years.

A lot happens. The authors use their knowledge of royal scandals to craft one of the plot threads about the current queen and her sister. There’s also a plot thread about IVF and infertility – it feels very drawn from real life. I did have a “how long is this going to go on?” moment about 75% of the way through the book. But it ended strong.

Overall, I enjoyed it, and if you’re looking for something fun in a similar situation, I’d recommend it!