Wednesday Shorts

How to get back up and keep running. Not so much a how-to as an inspiration to make art as a way to keep your sanity when the world continues to be its current hot mess.

One of my favorite tidbits from the championship parade of the USWNT today is that they were drinking Veuve Clicquot champagne, a company whose success was because of a woman in the 1800s.

The Importance of Photographing Women in Sports. Some stats from the article: “The overt lack of media representation fuels the divide. While four out of 10 athletes are female, just 4 percent of sports-related media coverage is devoted to them. They get only 5 percent of Sports Illustrated covers and a paltry 2 percent of airtime on ESPN’s SportsCenter.”

The Lingering of Loss. This is heartbreaking.

The False Narratives of The Fall of Rome Mapped onto America. The rise of Rome is so much more interesting than its fall to me. Especially when its fall is so often twisted to ill purposes. From the article: “Interest in the decline of the Roman empire became a subject of popular fascination, particularly for White colonial men who lived in fear of losing their own grip on power and took his narrative as a cautionary tale.”

Drop Dead Gorgeous was panned by critics when it came out? …Really? I find this hard to believe. I would recommend it to anyone.