Ignorance is bliss?

The White Princess is a family drama, it’s just that the family is royalty and all of the family politics is on steroids. It takes place in the immediate years after Henry VII has become king, right after the Wars of the Roses. He marries Elizabeth, daughter of a prior, much-beloved King, Edward IV. The story is told from her perspective

Elizabeth deliberately keeps herself ignorant so she can live and be queen of England. Her mother is plotting to get one of her own relatives to overthrow Henry VII, meanwhile he’s running everything in tandem with his mother, Margaret. Elizabeth’s mother-in-law should have been queen. Honestly. She puts Henry VII on the throne because it was unthinkable that she could have been in charge. Everyone would have been better off if she had; Henry VII would have been happier as a person instead of as a king. He comes off as paranoid and incompetent for ignoring his wife who a) knows how to rule and b) is just trying to survive.

The White Princess is very much recommended if you like either family or historical dramas.