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Welcome to Night Vale

What’s it about?
Do you listen to Welcome to Night Vale? If you like slightly weird things, you should. It’s a touch on the horror side of things (there’s a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your house), and it’s deeply entertaining.

If you’ve heard the podcast, you know that sometimes there’s a man in a tan jacket who no one remembers after they’re done talking to him. This book? This book is his story.

Why should you read it?
You should read Welcome to Night Vale if you’re a fan of the podcast. There’s obviously less Cecil (the voice of WtNV) as there’s no talking, but there are interludes of Night Vale Community Radio. I wouldn’t read it if you’re not a fan of the podcast already – there’s a fair bit it presumes you already know.

But it is an entertaining entry in the world of Night Vale, and explains a bit more about the rules of Night Vale, things that the radio show only hints at.